Road Changes along Beaver Pass at 4 Mile Lake

Miners who’ve travelled the Beaver Pass over the years likely know that this old road (aka 2400 Rd) has remained the same from the Barkerville Hwy up to Langford Lake since at least the 1930s.

Now there’s changes acomin’ and a road construction crew out of Prince George is busy constructing a bypass that will alter the course of the road at the point where it formerly wended its way along the eastern shore of 4 Mile Lake.

Why the government is making this change after 80 years or longer is still a mystery to this writer. My hunch is that the DFO has decided that having the road right along the lake is somehow affecting fish habitat and so it must be bypassed for environmental reasons.

As one approaches the new construction from the south at 6 km the new road veers off to the right and dips down for approximately 100 metres only to run face up against a massive wall of outcropping of bedrock that reaches up anywhere from 50 to 75 feet or more.

Viewing the road from the north end where it rejoins the old road and looking south it begins to climb up and then ends abruptly where the rock face drops off.

A drilling crew  is currently working up there presumably preparing to blast the bedrock so the road can be lowered enough to connect up without too steep a grade at the 6 km mark.

It will be interesting to see the final cost of this seemingly unnecessary venture when it finally wraps up.

Arthur Topham

CMA Director & Webmin


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