Cariboo Voices – New CMA Online Forum for Members & Guests

Dear CMA members,

It is hoped that this forum, designed for the Cariboo Mining Association’s website, will provide a useful purpose and serve as a vehicle for members and guests to discuss all issues related to the placer and hard rock mining industry.

I’m not an expert on running this particular program so please bear with me if there are any problems that might be encountered as we attempt to get it going.

The forum is meant for CMA members and guests only so please note that in order to post comments, articles, ideas, photos, etc. you must be registered. This is very important in order to keep spammers from invading the forum and disrupting discussions.

When you register I (Arthur Topham), as forum administrator and moderator, will get a message stating you are registering and then I’ll okay it and you’ll be able to post.

If any member has problems trying to register please email me at and I’ll do my best to figure out how to help you.

PLEASE  NOTE: The url to the forum is It is also listed on the side bar on the Blog Roll as well.

Let the discussions begin!


CMA Forum Admin & Moderator


About Webmin

Male. Age 69. Married. Writer/Publisher/Musician/Builder/Gold Miner

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