Mitch Mortensen’s comments on the controversial Environmental audit in Vancouver Sun

[Admin Note: I received the following comments and photo from Mitch Mortensen and thought that members would enjoy seeing this in a post rather than just in the comments section.]

It is interesting to note how the spring run offs make the creeks run brown every year and the fraser river runs brown year round but god help any miner if they dewater into a creek or river for they may harm the fish?

Doesn’t make sense. If silty runoff in a river or creek kills fish then there shouldn’t be any fish in any creek or river because of the effects of mother nature herself during the spring melt and run off.

There are hundreds of placer operations in BC and I believe that this report was based off of complaints that Stewart had heard about and decided to use as a basis for their report. If there was one thing left out of the report it’s the history…In the Cariboo gold rush and in the 1930′s there were no regulations on working in the creek. The water ways were saturated with sediment from placer mining. No harm has ever been shown in history as far as I can tell and from what my dad could tell from when he lived and worked the Yanks Peak gold fields in the 1930′s. However, I can tell from recent studies and news releases that the salmon runs have become significantly less and I believe that the issue lays in the oceans and not the inland water ways! If fish were so sensitive to sediment in our inland waterways, they would have become extinct eons ago!

Attached is a picture of my Dad Art Woolsey with his uncle sluicing for gold in the Yanks Peak area Circa 1930′s

I have more photos. This year was the first year I took my 10 year old son to the Yanks Peak area for doing assessment work. I was nine years of age when dad took out there. That range is a family history and tradition.

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