CMA Meetings/Events


Next CMA Regular Meeting

Sunday March 12, 2017

Seniors Center in Quesnel

461 Carson Ave.


Enter through the side door.

Then on: April 1st & 2nd, 2017


April 22nd & 23rd, 2017

The Quesnel Gold Show:

Click on The Quesnel Gold Show link for all of the exciting Action taking place:


  1. Letter sent to Chris Smith re:- Mining fees

    Att. Chris
    I just picked up my first claim last fall, just wanted to do some more or less, digging and panning, I realize that. I have to put $400 in infrastructure, or pay $800. Now I will have to pay another $2000 for what?? plotting, mapping, and assaying, would be on top of this fee, if this is the case, I will pay $800 and the Gov’t can have there claim back. For someone with PWD. that’s not in the works.
    This proposition of bilking the entry level minor, will not fly!!!
    Pls. advise if this is the case!!
    Regards D.West

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