Executive & Directors

 CMA Executive for 2017-2018:

2017 Directors


From Left to Right: Jackie Sarginson (Secretary), Val Klapstein (Treasurer), Lala Cripps (Director), Jennifer Trevitt (Director), Stan Bergunder (Director), Rick Wittner (President) & Chris Winther (Vice President).

CMA President: Rick Wittner

Email: cariboominingassociation@hotmail.com

Home phone: 250-991-0615


Rick Wittner CMA President

CMA Vice-President: Chris Winther

CMA Secretary: Jackie Sarginson

E-Mail: maple9@xplornet.ca

Home Phone: 250-991-0615

CMA Treasurer: Val Klapstein


Stan Bergunder

Larry Luan

Jennifer Trevitt

Lala Cripps


Website Admin:

Jackie Sarginson


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