Supervisors Certification Information


The certification program can be accessed through the Ministry’s Certifications webpage which is located here:

A new provision, added in February 2017 to the Code, was the reintroduction of a Supervisor’s Certification. This certification was reintroduced to ensure a common understanding of the Code, to encourage worker safety and to ensure supervisors on a mine site are aware of their responsibilities under the Code. This requirement comes into force on June 1, 2018.

The provision requires that anyone supervising six or fewer people on an active mine operation or in other areas of a mine, such as a mill, tailings storage facility, lab or maintenance area or shop, must complete their Supervisor’s Certification. It applies to all mine sites in the province including major mines, exploration sites, sand and gravel and placer operations and quarries.

The Supervisor’s Certification is only required for machine operations with Notice of Work Permits.  Hand operations without a Notice of Work Permit are not required to have the Supervisor’s Certification.

Some Facts about the course:

  • The goal of the Mine Supervisor’s Certification is to increase awareness of the Code, Regulations and Mines Act. It is not intended to replace on-site direct Supervisor training provided by a mine employer.
  • Pilot testing indicated it takes on average four hours to complete (but that may increase or decrease depending on your knowledge of the Code), with the shortest being 1.5 hours and the longest being six hours
  • The certification program is active for each registrant for six weeks from the date of registration – meaning you can take as long or as little time as you like to complete
  • You may stop and re-start the exam at any time
  • Each registrant gets three tries to pass the exam
  • The exam has 100 questions
  • A passing grade is 80%
  • The exam is open book
  • A temporary certificate will be issued that can be printed immediately following a successful completion of the exam
  • An official certificate will be mailed directly to each registrant
  • The Code requirement is for Mine Supervisors to be certified by June 1, 2018
  • The cost for a Supervisor Certification is $100 and must be renewed every five years.
  • The link below is for the code book for your exam:
  • By searching the index in the back of the code book you find sections of the code that relate to the questions being asked.



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