NRA: Goals for Immediate Firearms Legislation Reform

Goals for Immediate Firearms Legislation Reform

• Completely repeal the former bills C-17 and C-68, known as the Firearms Act—including scrapping the firearms registry, firearms licenses, and destroying the records.

• Eliminate firearm licences and the requirement to take any sort of course to own one’s own property; ordinary firearms owners are not a threat to public safety, violent criminals are.

• Eliminate the automatic check of legal firearms owners when a person is stopped for a traffic offence and replace it with an instant check of criminal/parole/probation records; hunters and target shooters are not a threat to public safety – violent criminals are.

• Replace the licensing and registration provisions with a point of purchase instant criminal record check for firearms. This system would keep legal access to firearms away from criminal elements by making use of a practical list of people who should not have firearms, rather than by trying to make lists of those who may.

• Renounce the agreement to implement the UN marking regulations (Firearm Markings Regulation SOR 2004-275) that was passed in 2004.

• Cancel the introduction of the proposed new gun show regulations.

• Curtail the RCMP’s attempts to unilaterally reclassify firearms.

• End prohibitions on magazine capacity.

• Restore handgun hunting as a legitimate use of a handgun.

• Eliminate punitive safe storage and transport requirements that have caused much grief to firearm owners in the absence of any wrongdoing.

• Remove the category of prohibited from firearms ownership so as to allow free exchange of property. The arbitrary nature of the prohibited class is a great affront to ordinary citizens who happen to own these firearms. It is also a means of stealing their property from them as many prohibited category firearms may not be passed on to heirs, or readily sold at their fair market value. If there is to be a “restricted category”, then it must have broader reasons for use, which should allow combined reasons for ownership and use, and it must include at least hunting and self-defence along with the other categories.

• Encourage support for recreational and competitive shooting sports so as to eliminate the negative stigma created by this regressive legislation.


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