Link URL to view the Nov-Dec edition ofThe Cariboo Miner“.

Dear Reader,

Below are scans of the pages of the latest edition of the Cariboo Miner. If you wish to see the original pdf file please click on the link above. Then you can read it easily and download it or pass it along or print it off. If you are having problems please contact me at editor@quesnelcariboosentinel and I’ll try to assist you.







About Webmin

Publisher/Editor/Journalist/Gold Miner/ Carpenter/Builder/Husband/Father.

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  1. your news letter has many blurry unreadable pages. pages 1, 7, & 8

  2. “Our” newsletter Rick. 🙂

    Looks like you’re using that Xplornet “High Speed” internet too.

    I have just uploaded the pdf for the newsletter to the site. Just click on the url and download the newsletter. Then you can open it and read it clearly and make it as big as you want for easy reading.

    CMA Webmin

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