Miner’s Gallery

Welcome to the CMA Miner’s Gallery.

The concept for the Miner’s Gallery came from local hard rock and placer miner John Bot who was the first person to send in a photo of some local miners asking if it might be posted on the site.

It soon became clear that a gallery of photos would be an ideal addition to the site considering the incredible wealth of history and personalities and unusual situations that inevitably arise when you get a large number of miners in one area searching for the elusive yellow metal.

So if you are a visitor to the gallery and have photos that you think are relevant to the Cariboo mining region then please feel free to submit them for publication. Don’t worry about the size other than if they are only as big a postage stamp. Larger images can be reduced down to fit the page. Try to send either jps or tiff files or any other common types. If you do have photos that you wish to share and don’t know how to send them please contact Jackie @ cariboominingassociation@hotmail.com and they will try to assist you.

If you send a photo please remember to identify who is in it and the rough time period it was shot and the location. This helps us all to identify and appreciate the photo that much more.


Send your contributions to Jackie @ cariboominingassociation@hotmail.com




Klaus Maak (Easy Rider) and Herb Allen (in sidecar). Annual CMA picnic at the Cottonwood Community Hall 2010.


Stevens Langford built this camp in 1933 at 6 Mile lake on the Beaver Pass (2400) Rd. Fortunately he put corrugated roofing on the buildings (3) and they’ve survived to this day. The snow level on the ground when the photo was taken was approximately 5+ feet high; due, no likely to ‘global warming’!


Good day for the Sluice!


Primal beauty of the Mineral Kingdom


A working bucketline dredge in northern California (today).


Lucky Swede with the Harold McGowan & wife. Wells, B.C.


16 ounce nugget found in the Lowhee tailings by Lucky Swede 70 years ago.


Klaus Maak, placer miner from Cottonwood, holding a 7 ounce nugget taken out of Conklin Gulch, one of the many rich tributaries flowing down into William’s Creek where the famous historic town of Barkerville stands today.


Gibraltar Mine facility. January 2011.


Open Pit Mine at Gibraltar. January, 2011


Quesnel River mine. Photo taken October, 2010.


Mount Polley Mine, Likely, B.C. October, 2010.


John Bot prospecting the great Golden Triangle (north of Stewart, B.C.) summer of 2010.

  1. Doug Burtwell

    These are some GREAT photos. 7 ounce nugget, WOW. Just joined your Association and I’m really looking forward to making the Cariboo a lifetime gold mining adventure. Doug

  2. i knew lucky and harold back in the late 70s,both are important mentors in my life as a prospector.lucky was quite the artist also,tales of the creeks and how to drink rye and beer,heres to you lucky…slewey

  3. I LOVE the photos… especially the one of Lucky Swede and Herold. Herold has so many stories to share and Ive enjoyed every visit (always too short) with him since we met just 11 years ago 🙂
    Looking forward to browsing through more photos of peoples ‘ventures -Ang

  4. edward zabroski

    hi ed here from the states just joined and love this club looking to mine with all you folk in 2013 looking for the right site when up there or maybe some one can put me on the right track at 65 and 2 young friends to help we love the challenge and the out doors I will bring my long under wear also so no need to worry about this gray haired guy and monster digger looking forward to the spring ed zabroski Wilkes-Barre pa. thanks also a new member here

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