CMA holds Annual Picnic at Sunny Cottonwood

CMA holds Annual Picnic at Sunny Cottonwood

by Arthur Topham
CMA Secretary
August 28, 2011

The weather couldn’t have been better for holding a picnic. Clear sunny skies and a shady porch to hang out in to discuss all the latest stories and adventures that the Cariboo Mining Association members have been experiencing this season made the afternoon affair a golden event indeed.

The turn out was great given that now is the height of mining season and the window for running gravels through the wash plants is wide open and people are “givin’ it” from morning to night in their efforts to run as much pay dirt as humanly possible.

It was just as well that around forty folks showed up because the pot luck dinner was abundant and the food superb and it would have been a pity to see it go uneaten.

CMA T-shirts, hats and Mining signs were available along with membership sign ups and of course everyone was keen to get their free red tickets for the Gold Nugget draw.

A “CMA Claim” draw was also held in order to raise a bit of gold dust for the coffers and members were diggin’ deep to come up with their loonies.

Miner talk was going on both inside and outside the hall throughout the event.

Brenda Dunbar, CMA Treasurer, was most pleased with the turn out. Yahooo!!!

Don’t you dare! says CMA member John Bot who was caught sniping goodies in the kitchen before dinner by the intrepid reporter of the event.

All in all it was a nice relaxing event as picnics ought to be and a wonderful time to hear from fellow members and find out how they were doing in their quest for the yellow metal.

A special thanks to the CMA ladies for the fine Cariboo cuisine and to the Cottonwood Community Association for renting out the hall once again and providing an evening of great country music and dancing.


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  1. Sorry I missed the fun event, hopefully I’ll get there next year.

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