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Taseko Reaches Agreement with Tsay Keh Dene First Nation

Taseko Reaches Agreement with Tsay Keh Dene First Nation

May 9, 2012    
Vancouver, BC – Taseko (TSX: TKO; NYSE Amex: TGB) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with the Tsay Keh Dene to support the exploration program and environmental studies for the development of its Aley Niobium Project in northeastern British Columbia.

The agreement, which is extensive in nature, includes provisions for; employment and training opportunities for Tsay Keh Dene members, contracting and business opportunities for Tsay Keh Dene businesses, participation and capacity funding, environmental protection through the cooperative design and implementation of environmental management and monitoring programs, and a framework and commitment to develop a Comprehensive Cooperation and Benefit Agreement for the eventual development and operation of a mine.

Russell Hallbauer, President and CEO of Taseko, commented, “Taseko management is committed to open and mutually beneficial relationships with the local communities where we operate. I would like to express my gratitude to Chief Dennis Izony and the Tsay Keh Dene for their hard work and commitment to complete this agreement. This agreement will serve as the foundation to strengthen our relationship as we continue to develop the world class Aley project.”

For further information on Taseko, please see the Company’s website or contact:

Brian Bergot, Director, Investor Relations – 778-373-4533 or toll free 1-877-441-4533

Russell Hallbauer
President and CEO

John Cummins speaks to Cariboo Mining Association

The Quesnel Seniors Centre was a lively spot to be on Tuesday evening as the Cariboo’s placer and hard rock miners gathered to listen to BC’s Conservative Leader John Cummins talk about some of the outstanding issues that are on the minds of most placer miners these days.

John and his wife traveled up by car to the hub of the gold fields after CMA member Linda Brown had extended an invitation to him to come and speak to the association.

While John has not had a lot to do with placer mining he did relate a story about how he had worked for a period of time on the WAC Bennett dam back in the 1960s when it was under construction and experienced what it was like working underground.

He also told the audience that his own life as a commercial fisherman on the west coast of the province was in many ways very similar to that of the small, independent miner and the types of issues and concerns that the placer miners have paralleled his own experiences while working on his boat.

The CMA has been pressing government on a number of issues regarding the volume of bureaucratic overburden that miners are expected to remove each year prior to going to work. Onerous permits and fees and increasing regulations in terms of first aid requirement plus complex forms to fill out were just some of the issues that came up for discussion.

The topics of Environmental issues and First Nations consultations by each placer miner who is forced to comply with regulations that the miners feel ought to be dealt with by the provincial ministries were addressed by Cummins who also took time to explain to the members how the treaty negotiations have worked over the past twenty five years or so. As John put it if the resources of the province are not controlled by the province and dealt with in a fair and equitable manner to the benefit of all the citizens of B.C. then what’s the purpose in have a provincial legislature.

John fielded a lot of questions from CMA members in the audience and while he didn’t have all the answers to the many issues he did assure them that his party would be taking their concerns seriously when they became either the Official Opposition or the party to run the province come the next election in 2013.

After John had finished speaking he was given a warm round of applause and then was presented with a fine looking gold nugget donated on behalf of the CMA and member John Bot. Chris Winther, President of the CMA, made the presentation and thanked John for taking time to come all the way up to the Cariboo to speak to the group.

In a news release from party headquarters on May 9th, 2012 John had the following to report regarding his visit to Quesnel:

“British Columbia’s Conservatives are a party that puts the little guy ahead of the special interests,” said Cummins. “That’s why we support policies that will make life easier for everyone from placer miners to hard working families. Policies like scrapping the carbon tax that makes everything more expensive, especially for people who have to drive long distances.”

“We believe that the natural resources of this province belong to all British Columbians and the process of granting permission to extract those resources should treat everyone the same from the largest company to the smallest claim-staker. And no one group or community should have veto power over the development of those resources.”

“Small businesses employ more than half of the private-sector workforce so government should be making life easier, not more complicated for small businesses. Small businesses do not have access to the lobbyists and insiders who influence the Liberal government in Victoria – and so they have been losing out. Decisions like cancelling the small business tax cut show you were the Liberal priorities lie.”

“British Columbia’s Conservatives are the only ones who will stand up for small businesses and individuals against the special interests, lobbyists, and cronies who control the old line parties.”

For further information on John Cummins and the BC Conservative Party please contact the following:
Media Contact:
Jim Mitchell

CMA a Proud Sponsor of the 2012 Gold Rush Trail Dog Sled Mail Run


Dear members,

Please send your mining-related photo of choice to me at the following email address: Try to send it as a jpg or tiff file (preferably jpg). All submissions will be posted in the website gallery for viewing and judging. Thanks. Arthur

CMA holds Annual Picnic at Sunny Cottonwood

CMA holds Annual Picnic at Sunny Cottonwood

by Arthur Topham
CMA Secretary
August 28, 2011

The weather couldn’t have been better for holding a picnic. Clear sunny skies and a shady porch to hang out in to discuss all the latest stories and adventures that the Cariboo Mining Association members have been experiencing this season made the afternoon affair a golden event indeed.

The turn out was great given that now is the height of mining season and the window for running gravels through the wash plants is wide open and people are “givin’ it” from morning to night in their efforts to run as much pay dirt as humanly possible.

It was just as well that around forty folks showed up because the pot luck dinner was abundant and the food superb and it would have been a pity to see it go uneaten.

CMA T-shirts, hats and Mining signs were available along with membership sign ups and of course everyone was keen to get their free red tickets for the Gold Nugget draw.

A “CMA Claim” draw was also held in order to raise a bit of gold dust for the coffers and members were diggin’ deep to come up with their loonies.

Miner talk was going on both inside and outside the hall throughout the event.

Brenda Dunbar, CMA Treasurer, was most pleased with the turn out. Yahooo!!!

Don’t you dare! says CMA member John Bot who was caught sniping goodies in the kitchen before dinner by the intrepid reporter of the event.

All in all it was a nice relaxing event as picnics ought to be and a wonderful time to hear from fellow members and find out how they were doing in their quest for the yellow metal.

A special thanks to the CMA ladies for the fine Cariboo cuisine and to the Cottonwood Community Association for renting out the hall once again and providing an evening of great country music and dancing.



Quesnel Cariboo Observer publishes CMA workshop

Dear CMA members,

Good news on gaining further coverage of our recent workshop. Please pick up a copy of the Observer for February 22nd, 2011.

Cariboo Mining Association hosts successful workshop

February 22, 2011

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